A downloadable game for Windows

A Cinematic Novel about two sisters, Masume and Satou, who just so happen to be "Magical Girls of Justice." By the hand of Fate, they meet another pair of siblings and are charged with protecting them.

Episode One of an on-going series of games.

Thank you for your support and feedback!

One Woman Team

Berria put the game together using her own art, writing, sound design, and Tyrano abilities in 10 days for the TyranoBuilder Summer Jam 2015.


Music from Public Domain, Kris Dudley, JBD, Kevin MacLoad, and Murasato Shota ( http://murasato.catfood.jp/ )

SFX from Personal Resources & CDs

Support from so sooo many friends.

Thank you Shadow & Mr Music for playtesting the game!

GenreVisual Novel
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Please simply download, unzip, and run the .exe file.

If you are unable to download the file or perhaps have a Mac rather than a PC, you may try the browser version over here.


GameofFate_Episode01.zip 146 MB


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Loved this game Would you like to collaborate with me on Vampire Wars next game :)

Ahh I'd be honored but I don't really know what I can contribute! Your games are already so amazing and way out of my league ;;

Your better at Tyranobuilder than me my cut scenes suck LOL what I mean is the way the Vampires leave the scene I dont like but you manged to make your fade almost I really liked that :)

Oh! I think that's an easy thing to fix, actually. It should be in your game settings. From then, you let Tyrano do the "fading' by giving it at least 500 frames to take the character off the screen :)

Oh I will have to remember that do you use the RPG maker if so do you create your own sprites ???? :)

Woo! Always nice to see another one-woman army game dev! Good job It was really fun to play! \o/


Oh hi! Nice meeting you too! >u< I can't wait to try your game!

And holy moly I'm so glad to hear you were able to play it enjoyed it.